Props MATLAB PackageΒΆ

The Props MATLAB package facilitates the creation of classes with type-checked, validated properties through a relatively simple, declarative interface.

Base Classes:

props.Prop - Basic property with no given type

props.HasProps - Class with dynamically created, declarative Props

Prop Types:

props.Array - Multi-dimensional float or int array prop

props.Bool - Boolean prop

props.Color - RGB, Hex, or string color prop

props.Float - Float prop

props.Image - PNG image prop

props.Instance - Prop that is an instance of a given class

props.Int - Integer prop

props.Repeated - Prop that is a repeated number of another type of prop

props.String - String prop

props.Union - Prop that may be one of several different types of props

props.Vector - Three-component vector prop


Props requires MATLAB R2014b or greater