Steno3D MATLAB PackageΒΆ

The Steno3D MATLAB package contains tools to build Steno3D resources through plotting functions or at the command line, convert existing MATLAB figures to Steno3D resources, and upload these resources to

Plotting Functions: a MATLAB-esque way to create Steno3D projects

steno3d.scatter() - Create and plot a Steno3D Point resource

steno3d.line() - Create and plot a Steno3D Line resource

steno3d.surface() - Create and plot a gridded Steno3D Surface resource

steno3d.trisurf() - Create and plot a triangulated Steno3D Surface resource

steno3d.volume() - Create and plot a Steno3D Volume resource

Helper Functions: simple functions to manipulate Steno3D projects

steno3d.addData() - Add a dataset to an existing Steno3d resource

steno3d.addImage() - Add a PNG image to an existing Steno3d resource

steno3d.combine() - Combine a list of Steno3D Projects into one Project

steno3d.convert() - Convert MATLAB figure or axes into a Steno3D Project

Communicate with

steno3d.login() - Log in to to allow Steno3D Project uploads

steno3d.upload() - Upload a figure, axes, or Steno3D Project to

steno3d.logout() - Log out of current session on

Additional Packages:

Examples - Example scripts to demonstrate Steno3D

Core - Command-line tools for building Steno3D objects from scratch

Utils - Supplemental utilities for figure conversion and web comms


Steno3D requires MATLAB R2014b or greater and the props package that comes bundled in the steno3dmat distribution.